Welcome to the Dawning of a New Age

Awaking in the darkness.

The Transition from the Old to the New

Looking at the world around us, it can be all too easy to feel a sense of hopelessness. After all, things appear to be going from bad to worse, with little to no end in sight. Pandemics, war, and economic hardship seem to reach into the lives of everyone, regardless of who you are, where you are, or the life you live. These devastating influences can darken even the brightest of hearts, eating away at any hope for a better tomorrow.

However, if you take the time and look carefully, you can see cracks of light beginning to seep in through the darkness. In the midst of all the negativity there are positive elements taking shape, like green shoots that declare the transition from winter to spring. And it’s the message these shoots are conveying that we need to pay attention to. Namely, winter is coming to an end, and things are about to get a whole lot better.

While we are entering a New Age, the transition taking shape is more than just a phenomenon of time. In truth, it is nothing short of an evolution of human consciousness, a complete change in the model, or ‘paradigm’, of human behavior. The old ways of greed, cruelty and control are giving way to a new set of values, values based on compassion, diversity, and a cruelty-free lifestyle. Humanity is hearing Nature’s call to arms, and is beginning to take action in order to put an end to the destruction that is threatening our very existence.

This website explores the transition from the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm that is currently unfolding, comparing both to show the direction human consciousness is heading in. It also reveals the necessity behind the chaos we currently face, and how only through the complete destruction of the old ways can the New Paradigm take shape. If you are ready to enter the promised land of compassion-driven values and a cruelty-free lifestyle, then begin your journey by choosing from one of the boxes below. Welcome to the New Paradigm!

Old Paradigm

Take a moment to explore the nature of the Old Paradigm, and see how control-driven values define our current world.

New Paradigm

Dive into the compassion-driven nature of the New Paradigm, and discover how humanity is evolving towards a cruelty-free way of life.

The Transition

Trace the journey from the Old Paradigm to the New, and see how it resembles other journeys from humanity’s past.


Get fresh insights on current issues, and see how the dark events of our time are leading us to a brighter tomorrow.