The New

The love driven values of the New Paradigm.

As the sun sets on the ways of the Old Paradigm, so too, it begins to shed its light on the ways of the New Paradigm. Although the transition from one age to the next may be slow going at first, it is a process that is both unstoppable and unchangeable. With each passing day, the faint glow of dawn is growing stronger and stronger, bringing with it the promise of a bright and vibrant new day.

Several expressions of the New Paradigm are starting to gain significant traction, creating a cultural shift that is increasing in both momentum and scope. This shift is impacting all areas of life, from religion to politics, and everything in between. Here we will explore some of the more powerful elements of this shift, and discover the insights they have to provide on the evolution of human consciousness that is currently underway.

New Paradigm Beliefs

The mass shift away from organized religion that is taking place could be seen as a loss of faith. As such, it might appear as a negative event, a sign of despair and frustration taking hold of countless individuals. However, it’s not that those making this shift have lost their faith, rather it’s that they have lost faith in the old ways and the promises those ways failed to keep.

Fortunately, those moving away from the belief systems of the Old Paradigm are not simply wandering aimlessly without direction or purpose. Instead, they are following the call of their heart, a call that is leading them back to Nature. In a way, this journey could be seen as abandoning the supernatural and returning to the natural once more. It is the rediscovery of the value of this life, the importance of an open mind, and the fact that many paths lead to the truth. This is the face of beliefs in the New Paradigm.

Compassion-Driven Values

The evolution of human consciousness currently unfolding is not merely a matter of changing the course of human behavior by a few degrees. Instead, it is a complete transformation, moving human behavior from one end of the spectrum to the other. As such, the nature of New Paradigm values is about as far from that of their Old Paradigm counterparts as you can possibly get. This isn’t a time of reform. This is a time of total and complete change.

If the values of the Old Paradigm can be summed up as control-driven, those of the New Paradigm can be summed up as compassion-driven. Rather than trying to dominate, these values seek to promote such things as empathy, equality, and coexistence. They serve to create a culture of peace, love, and harmony ─ a culture that is desperately needed if we are to heal this broken world.

New Paradigm Marriage

One after another, the Old Paradigm restrictions of marriage are being demolished, opening a path for the free and unfettered expression of love in the New Paradigm model. Despite criticism and outright resistance from those who refuse to let go of the old ways, it is clear that this is one area in which the evolution of human consciousness is making huge gains.

Even so, this shift from the old model to the new isn’t just about the details. Instead, this is about a fundamental change in how people view love and relationships as a whole. Here we will explore how this fundamental change is taking shape, and how it will affect the future of not just marriage, but relationships of all shapes and sizes.


The vegan path is one that has gained significant traction over the last few years. More and more restaurants are offering vegan options, and many grocery stores have entire sections designated for plant-based, cruelty-free items. Furthermore, numerous brands are identifying as vegan or cruelty-free, proudly displaying those very words on their products.

Still, veganism is more than just a diet or a way of shopping for groceries. It is a lifestyle choice that can transform a person in every way imaginable. From improving one’s physical health and wellbeing to revitalizing one’s heart and mind, there is virtually no limit to the benefits of this lifestyle choice. And let’s not forget the overwhelmingly positive impact that veganism has on both animals and the environment. All in all, the vegan path is one that is at the very heart of the transition from the Old to the New Paradigm, and one that more and more people are choosing each and every day.


Whether or not you are an advocate of western astrology, there can be no doubt that you have heard of the Age of Aquarius. Whether from the song that immortalized this term in pop culture, or just the increase in discussion on this New Age phenomenon, almost everyone has a basic idea of what the Age of Aquarius means, at least broadly speaking. However, there are some important messages contained within the symbolism of Aquarius that are often overlooked, even by those deeply immersed in the subject.

This section focuses on the deeper meanings within the Aquarian iconography, specifically the image of the water bearer and the symbol of flowing water. Interestingly enough, when you take the time to unravel these hidden messages you begin to see just how relevant they are to our modern times. So even if you don’t consider astrology to be your ‘cup of tea’, open your mind to the insights in these pages, as they may just provide a New perspective on the direction humanity is heading in.