The Setting of the Old Age

In order for a new day to dawn, the current day must first come to an end. This truth holds equally true in the case of the dawning of the New Age. Only when the Old Age is gone can the New Age come to life, marking the start of the next chapter for the human race.

Unfortunately, the Old Paradigm has no intention of going quietly into the night. Instead, like a mortally wounded beast, it fights viciously for each and every breath it takes, knowing the next one may very well be its last. It’s not a matter of the captain going down with the ship. Rather, it’s the doomed captain bound and determined to take the ship with him. Once you understand this, suddenly everything begins to make a lot more sense. The constant wars, oppression, bigotry and cruelty are not a sign of the end, rather they are a sign of the end of the Old Paradigm.

However, unlike the transition from one day to the next where a person is merely a spectator, this is a transition that requires participation from all involved. As such, it can be seen as a journey of sorts, where individuals and entire generations are moving away from the Old Paradigm in search of a better way. Perhaps no story matches the dynamics of this journey better than that of the exodus story itself. Just as the Israelites of old made their way from oppression to a promised land, so too, that very same journey is taking place today in countless lives all across the world. Let’s take a look at this modern day exodus story and see how it reveals the setting of the Old Age and the promise of better times ahead.

A Modern Day Exodus Story | The Political Landscape

A Modern Day Exodus Story

Although the exodus story has its roots in religious tradition, our focus here is on the basic components of the story, specifically those features that bear a striking resemblance to events unfolding around us. As such, we will simply be treating the story as an analogy, one that perfectly exemplifies the evolution of human consciousness currently taking shape. From the dark times of oppression, through the uncertain journey in the wilderness, to the birth of a new world, this story is one that will doubtlessly resonate with most alive today.

The Political Landscape

While the parallels of the exodus story can be seen in almost every facet of day-to-day life, it is the political landscape where they can be seen with the greatest clarity. By taking a few steps back to view things from a detached perspective, the pieces of the puzzle begin to really come together, forming a picture that finally makes sense. If the political events of recent times have seemed confusing, particularly the 2020 American Democratic primaries, don’t worry, they won’t be confusing for much longer.