Symbolism of the Water Bearer

Water Bearer.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is something that few people would argue with. When it comes to symbols, I say one symbol is worth a thousand pictures. So potent is this form of communication that a single symbol can contain an infinite wealth of information, conveying countless messages to each and every person who looks upon it. As such, it seems right to take a look at what messages are being conveyed in the symbol of the water bearer, the personification of the New Age we are currently entering.

An Act of Generosity

One of the things that strikes me most about the image of the water bearer is that it is one of the only figures in the zodiac that is defined by an act of generosity. In antiquity, a water bearer was someone who kept your cup full at a feast, as such their role was one of service, generosity, and dare I say ─ compassion. The image of a water bearer can be equated to a modern-day waiter or waitress, constantly bringing refills of your beverage while checking to make sure you are doing well. When you’re at a restaurant, and the right person is taking care of you, you can be assured that your glass will never be empty, and that your every need will be addressed.

In this light, such a symbol can be seen as nothing short of auspicious, especially in a time when so many people are struggling to just survive given the powers that be are constantly taking more and more money, time, and energy, leaving everyone’s glass virtually empty as a result. Thus, the promise that someone is coming to fill our glasses, rather than empty them, is one that is perhaps more significant and necessary now than at any other time in human history.

Another way that this symbol of generosity is significant is that it comes at a time when people are beginning to redefine their role in the grand scheme of things. Under the Old Paradigm humanity was seen as a servile race, a group virtually created to worship and serve god, the gods, and even other humans who were in any position of power. However, as the paradigms change a New outlook is beginning to take hold, one that sees humanity, and all life in general, as children rather than slaves. Instead of constantly giving and sacrificing, the time has come when we can start receiving once again.

In a way, the image of the water bearer stands to validate this change in perception, revealing the Earth, and the Universe as a whole, as a provider, not a master. The time has come when giving, not taking, will be the natural way of things. Providing love, support, and whatever else is needed in order for a person to thrive will be the New purpose in life. And it seems that Nature is keen on demonstrating this truth by taking the initiative and setting the example, using the water bearer to personify her promise to reclaim her rightful place as our nurturing and loving mother, the ultimate of all water bearers.

Quenching the Fire

Another, albeit more abstract, interpretation of a water bearer is that of a fireman (or woman). As well as quenching thirst, water is a vital element when it comes to quenching fires. And let’s face it, the world around us is quite literally on fire, burning down around our ears each and every day through constant wars, droughts, and countless other devastations both natural and man-made. The last thing we need is another ‘torch bearer’, promising to light the right fires and burn the bad people. Instead, we need someone who will put out ALL the fires, seeing as NONE of them are actually right or good.

In this way, the Age of Aquarius can be seen as a time when healing will replace violence, when love will replace hate, and when the waters of compassion will put out the fires of greed. Now, more than ever, this planet needs the healing waters of compassion-driven values and a cruelty-free lifestyle. That our astrological age is transitioning to one represented by a water bearer is no mere coincidence. Instead, it is a sign written in the very stars themselves that everything on this precious planet is about to change, and for the better. Gone are the days of the war-driven Aries. Gone are the days of the soulless Pisces. The time has come for a benevolent and caring energy to emerge, one that will bring comfort to every single being that has been made to suffer under the ways of the Old Paradigm.

Again, this isn’t about delving into the specific traditions of Astrology when it comes to the meaning of the zodiacal constellations. Instead, this is about seeing the symbols from a fresh and unbiased perspective. Maybe Pisces isn’t supposed to represent a soulless existence, but for me fish are among the least compassionate and caring of all creatures. In that light, the Age of Pisces hit the mark perfectly, creating an environment of self-indulgence, self-absorption, and a total disregard for all other life.

The empty, heartless stare of a shark comes to mind when I think of what it meant to be in the Age of Pisces. Right or wrong, that’s simply how I see that symbolism. Fortunately, the symbol of the water bearer is a far more benevolent one, no matter how you interpret it. Therefore, even though things seem to be going from bad to worse at the moment, the Universe herself is giving us a sign of hope, something to believe in at this darkest hour, when one age transitions to the next, when the Old Paradigm gives way to the New.