Interpreting the Aquarius Water Symbol

Aquarius Symbol.

Anyone who has explored astrology in even the most casual way will know that each astrological sign has two representations— an image and a symbol. In the case of Aquarius, the image is that of a water bearer, the meaning of which we have already revealed. The symbol of Aquarius, however, is that of two wavy lines, one above the other, representing flowing water. It is this symbol that holds a great deal of information regarding the nature of the New Paradigm, which makes understanding it all the more critical.


While the two lines clearly represent water, there is a much deeper (pun intended) meaning to be found if you take the time to really look at what those tiny lines are saying. Simply put, the way the lines are represented indicates that the water is flowing freely, with no boundaries or obstacles blocking its path. Although this may not seem too terribly significant at first glance, the implications are monumental once you begin to place the symbol against the nature of the Old Paradigm.

One of the main elements of the Old Paradigm is control-driven values. Whether these values serve to shape society, economics, or relationships, the critical factor here is control. Thus, control-driven values can be seen as the boundaries that keep human behavior moving along a certain path. Numerous images have been used to represent social controls, including fences, walls, and even boxes. And this is where the free-flowing nature of the Aquarius symbol is of immeasurable significance.

Rather than being contained in a box or by walls, the water of Aquarius is flowing freely, unhindered by the control- driven values of the Old Paradigm. This means that instead of being forced into conformity, those in the New Paradigm will be free to express their true nature, letting their thoughts, words, and energies flow without fear or shame. No longer will people be expected to fit into a specific mold or measure up to a collective standard. Instead, they will be able to engage in levels of self-discovery and self-expression the likes of which have yet to be seen on such a large scale. But what value, if any, will this free-flowing dynamic have on humanity?

Celebrating Diversity

In order to know the value of a free-flowing future, we need only to flip the coin over and observe the cost of the control-driven past. One of the main consequences of control-driven values is deception. Whether a person has to lie to those around them by pretending to be ‘normal’, or whether they lie to themselves in order to avoid the confusion and guilt of being ‘different’, truth is a casualty either way. And it cannot be denied that a life built on lies is not one worth living.

Another consequence of control-driven values is that of conversion. Whether this conversion takes the shape of indoctrination, or whether it takes on the more sinister form of conquest, the end result is suffering and despair for those who don’t quite fit in. Countless wars and crusades have been launched all because one group didn’t quite fall in line with another, where the losers were either assimilated or eliminated altogether. Thus, rather than creating a peaceful utopia, the quest to force everyone to conform to one set of standards had fueled endless conflict since the dawn of human history.

If control-driven values lead to death, destruction, and despair, then we can safely and confidently predict that the free-flowing nature of the New Paradigm will have drastically different and immensely better results. Rather than living a life of lies, everyone will be free to express their individuality without consequence or shame. This will lead to healthier relationships, happier lives, and a greater appreciation for diversity in every way. Instead of ‘tolerating’ or ‘supporting’ other lifestyles, those in the New Paradigm will CELEBRATE other lifestyles. After all, freedom for one is freedom for all.

Needless to say, not only will this impact people on the individual level, but it will also impact humanity on the collective level. Once the need to convert others is removed, gone are the needless, horrific wars, inquisitions, and genocides that have plagued the human race in the Old Paradigm. In this light, peace can be seen not as something that has to be achieved, but rather as the natural biproduct of a New way of living. Thus, the free-flowing waters of Aquarius will usher in an age of peace, harmony, and love, and will heal this planet of the wounds caused by the control-driven values of the Old Paradigm.