The Setting of the Old Age

In order for a new day to dawn, the current day must first come to an end. This truth holds equally true in the case of the dawning of the New Age. Only when the Old Age is gone can the New Age come to life, marking the start of the next chapter for the … Read more

Restrictions of Number

The final restriction to consider within the Old Paradigm marriage model is that of number itself. So far, the ‘marriage equation’ has been; 1man + 1woman (1creed x 1 race) = happily ever after. (My algebra skills are far from stellar, but hopefully the equation is written well enough to get the point across, even … Read more

Restrictions of Creed

The restriction of creed is a bit different from those of race and gender as most nations do not actually have laws prohibiting marriage, or any relationship, between people of different religious beliefs. That said, it is a restriction that is still quite real, and one very much responsible for causing untold misery to those … Read more

Restrictions of Gender

Perhaps the most relevant restriction within the Old Paradigm marriage model is that of gender. One reason why this particular restriction is so meaningful is that it is being hotly contested today. The restriction of race, although only recently removed in some areas, has been gone long enough to be little more than a vague … Read more

Restrictions of Race

Throughout human history marriage between people of different ethnicities has had its ups and downs. In some cultures, such a practice was fairly widespread, particularly in areas where multiple races interacted through trade or close proximity settlements. However, interracial marriages have also been prohibited in many cultures, and in many different times. As antiquated and … Read more