Blog Intro

While some transitions can be virtually seamless, escaping notice by any but the most attentive, others can prove to be nothing short of catastrophic. Unfortunately, when it comes to the transition from the Old Paradigm to the New, it would seem that we are in for quite the bumpy ride. Rather than going gracefully into the night, the Old Paradigm is determined to put up a relentless fight, clawing and scratching for every last breath it can take.  This is why the world is in a state of unprecedented chaos and despair, with endless war, merciless poverty, and ever-diminishing liberty defining our times.

Fortunately, these events that threaten to end our very existence are merely ending the existence of reality as we know it. This means that we are simply entering the darkest hours of the night that precede the dawning of the New Age. And it is this knowledge that can help us to hold on to hope in a time when all hope seems lost. Rather than seeing the current upheavals as a sign of the end, we can see them as part of the transition that will bring us into a better future, a time of compassion-driven values and a cruelty-free way of life.

This blog will examine unfolding events in real time, revealing their role in the turbulent yet promising transition into the New Paradigm currently taking place. By shedding light on the true nature of the chaos that is engulfing our world, we will be able to put things into proper context, and thus take strength from even these darkest of times. So check in regularly for new posts that will help to keep you grounded in the knowledge that from the ashes of the Old a bright and wonderful New Paradigm will emerge.