Many Paths to the Truth

The Old Paradigm tells us that one road leads to the truth, and that if you aren’t on the right road you are ultimately doomed. This leads to an ‘all or nothing’ approach that not only alienates different traditions from one another, but it also limits what a person is able to explore. After all, … Read more

Inherent Good

There is probably no greater contrast between the Old Paradigm and the New Paradigm than that which is found within the overall world view. While the old traditions tend to define the world of physical reality as less important than the world of the non-physical, and the present life as inferior to the afterlife, the … Read more

Open Heart, Open Mind

Although books can be a good source for wisdom and guidance, they need to be recognized for what they are─ manmade tools. Each and every book ever written, sacred books included, are the product of people’s thoughts, ideas, experiences, and beliefs. In short, they are the lives of people expressed in writing. Thus, the more … Read more