Compassion-Driven Politics

Showing compassion by helping those in need.

Political power can be used as either a weapon or a tool, depending on the hand that wields it. In the hands of Old Paradigm leaders, political power is used to exert control over the people, both at home and abroad, causing untold destruction and suffering and thus fulfilling its potential as a weapon. However, in the hands of New Paradigm leaders, it will be used to build rather than destroy, creating a world of stability, peace and prosperity. In this light, political power will become the vital and remarkable tool it was meant to be.

This shift in values can already be seen all around the world, as many nations begin to focus their energies on policies that serve to help their citizens attain a higher standard of living. One of the most evident examples of this is the rise of universal healthcare. More and more countries are turning away from the profit-driven insurance system, opting for a more compassion-driven system that offers healthcare to all citizens regardless of their financial situation. Thus, rich or poor, working or unemployed, every single person in such a country can receive as much medical care as they need, whenever they need it.

What makes this more than a matter of political policy is the fact that once a nation turns to universal healthcare they never revert back to the insurance-based system. It’s not as though it only lasts as long as a particular party is in charge. Instead, it becomes a given, as no person with serious political aspirations would ever dream of repealing such a system and hope to retain their position. In fact, people who live in such countries find it incredulous that there are still places where insurance companies dictate whether or not a person is allowed to get the medical care they need, sometimes just to stay alive.

Furthermore, when you consider the timeframe in which this shift is taking place it becomes even more evident that universal healthcare is very much a part of the push toward the compassion-driven values of the New Paradigm. Were it happening at different times, or in isolated regions, then you could argue that it’s just another political or cultural trend that will come and go. However, the fact that it is happening all around the world, and largely at the same time, shows that it is something far more significant in nature. Universal healthcare is, in no uncertain terms, a significant part of the evolution of human consciousness currently underway.

Another sign that political power is beginning to be used in a positive way can be seen in the rise of equal rights. Whether it’s equal rights for women, minorities, or the LGBTQ community, the fact is that the discriminatory policies of the Old Paradigm are being systematically replaced by policies that establish true social justice. The days of prejudiced politics are rapidly coming to an end, making way for a future where equality is a way of life rather than a distant ideal. This is another case where countries that enjoy greater equality find it hard to believe that inequality can still continue to exist in these so-called modern times.

Unfortunately, such equality can still feel a long way off, depending on where or who you are. This is particularly true in the face of laws being passed that serve to restrict voting rights among certain ethnic groups. However, this trend is nothing more than a last-ditch attempt to hold on to the ways of the past, a past that is steeped in racism, bigotry and hate. The simple truth is that the Old Paradigm is coming to an end, whether its adherents want it to or not. For every law enforcing bigotry, a dozen laws are being passed elsewhere breaking down the apparatus of systemic discrimination. The age of weaponized politics is coming to an end, and in its place will be an age where compassion-driven values are the normal way of life.

Still, just because political power won’t be used as a weapon anymore doesn’t mean that New Paradigm politicians can’t still be warriors. It’s just that the wars they wage will be of a very different nature. Rather than the Old Paradigm wars of religious or political ideology, New Paradigm wars will be waged on hunger, homelessness, poverty and any other condition that undermines the dignity and respect of an individual. Instead of leaving destruction, death and despair in their wake, these wars will leave peace, prosperity, and a legacy where compassion is the new face of political power.