A Compassion-Driven Worldview

Superpower Redefined The competitive nature of our world is no secret, with nations competing in everything from the arms race to the space race and all sorts of other races in-between. In these contests it really is a case of ‘winner takes all’, where the nations on top gain supremacy over all others. This fact … Read more

Compassion-Driven Economics

Compassion is usually not the first word that comes to mind when you think of money. Instead, such things as greed, corruption and even evil are more often than not the normal associations. This stands to reason, as the rich usually make their fortune at the cost of countless people who are left to struggle … Read more

Compassion-Driven Politics

Political power can be used as either a weapon or a tool, depending on the hand that wields it. In the hands of Old Paradigm leaders, political power is used to exert control over the people, both at home and abroad, causing untold destruction and suffering and thus fulfilling its potential as a weapon. However, … Read more