The Great Detox

Feeling pure love

Restoring Physical Energy

When I became vegan I did it for one reason and one reason only ─ the animals. I decided that I would no longer contribute to the suffering and slaughter of countless innocent lives, and so the vegan path was the new way for me. However, a few days after making the switch I began to notice something quite remarkable; my energy levels were higher than they had ever been before. Not only did I have more energy all throughout the day, but I found I was waking up earlier and earlier, feeling more refreshed while needing less sleep.

Once I realized that this was no mere phase or cosmic mistake, but that it was a part of my day-to-day life, I began to look into whether or not there was any connection between veganism and increased energy. Needless to say (for any vegans reading this), the answer was a resounding yes. It turned out that many of the ‘healthy’ foods I had been eating, including milk and eggs, had in fact contributed to a certain sluggishness, something that disappeared once eggs and dairy were no longer a part of my diet.

My newfound energy levels left me thrilled beyond measure, however the skeptic in me wondered how long this ‘honeymoon period’ would last. Each morning I half expected to discover that my energy levels had reverted to their old standard, that somehow my body would adjust to this change in lifestyle. But each and every day the story remained the same. My energy levels were higher than ever before, and the aches and stiffness I attributed to ‘maturing’ were suddenly gone. It seemed that I had gone through a detox of sorts, where the junk that I had been ingesting my whole life was finally able to flush through my system, leaving me healthy and happy in the end. But just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, they did.

Restoring Spiritual Energy

Once I had adjusted to my new levels of physical energy, I became profoundly aware of yet another change. This change took a while to fully understand as, although I could sense it, I simply couldn’t put my finger on what exactly was different. But then I realized what the difference was. Simply put, I felt ‘lighter’. This wasn’t about weight loss or feeling physically lighter, rather this was about feeling lighter in a more spiritual sense. I felt purer in a way, as though my soul had gone through a detox of its own.

I gave this change a little time before I began to really contemplate it, just to make sure this wasn’t a phase of some sort. Although I was eager to equate every single good thing in my life with veganism, I also knew false equivalences would serve no good in the end. Fortunately, it seemed this was yet another positive change that was here to stay. And so, the contemplating began.

One thing I had really begun to accept was the notion of spiritual energy. Throughout my life I had gone back and forth on the subject, but my life experiences left me convinced beyond any doubt that spiritual energy is a very real and significant part of life. Fortunately, this understanding came at a time that allowed me to better understand the nature of the change I was experiencing, this state of feeling lighter. It all came down to the animals and their state of mind, not only at the time of their death, but also throughout their entire existence.

The axiom ‘You are what you eat’ kept rattling around in my mind as I meditated on this phenomenon. And that’s when I began to appreciate just how true those words are. The image of that fateful, final day, where countless animals are ushered to their death made me realize that I had absolutely NO idea how traumatizing that experience must be. No doubt this is why it’s illegal to video what goes on inside slaughterhouses. To hear the screams and cries of those around you, to smell the fear and death in the air, to intuitively know this was not where you wanted to be, would have to drive an animal out of their mind with absolute terror. And what is terror, if not a frequency of energy?

Every emotion we feel is a frequency of energy. The more positive our emotional state, the more positive our energy is. Needless to say, this works in the opposite direction as well. But what difference would an animal’s emotional state have on my personal energy? Again, this is where the axiom ‘You are what you eat’ comes into play. The emotional condition of the animal at the point of their demise, as well as in general, directly impacts the food they provide. This isn’t just about meat, but it also includes milk and eggs, byproducts from animals who are alive when they produce them.

Sure, it may sound pretty far-fetched at first, but the truth of the matter is that this notion is supported by numerous medical studies. It can all be summed up best with another axiom; ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Modern medicine has proven the importance of a person’s state of mind when it comes to their physical health and wellbeing. Angry or depressed people are more susceptible to illness or slow recovery from injury, whereas happy, positive-minded people are more likely to be healthy and strong. This points to the fact that a person’s spiritual energy imprints itself on the body, affecting their physiology in a very real and meaningful way.

That’s when it all became abundantly clear. All of the meat and dairy I had been eating had been ladened with negative energy. And that energy had impacted the charge of my personal energy, weighing it down with negativity. Essentially, every egg, piece of fish, or glass of milk had been toxic, virtually poisoning both my body and soul. Once I had stopped ingesting all that negative energy my body and soul were able to detox, ridding themselves of the negative effects as a result. In the end, it wasn’t a coincidence that my spiritual and physical energies had improved at the same time and for the same reason. That’s precisely how it works.

Once I connected the dots it all began to make perfect sense. My heart and mind were feeling lighter because I wasn’t ingesting pain, fear, and suffering in the food I was eating. Furthermore, my emotional charge was far more positive than ever before. Not only did I not get angry as often as before, but when I did, I wasn’t as angry as I used to be. Even better, not only am I happier more often than not, but the level of happiness I experience is higher than ever before. And the impact this great detox has on my day-to-day life is simply beyond measure. If veganism can do this for one person, just imagine what it can do for the world.