Controlling the Economy

Although it is true that the Old Paradigm seeks to control the economy in every way possible, this is more about how the powers that be exert control through the economy, using money as a means rather than an end. This type of cultural manipulation can be seen in many ways, but to uncover the … Read more

Controlling the Culture

It has been said that when culture defines politics, you have democracy, but when politics defines culture, you have tyranny. Although this concept is directed specifically at the political condition of a nation, it can have much broader implications. In fact, this very metric can be used to show the controlling nature of the Old … Read more

Controlling the World

The hunger for power is one which is never truly satiated.  That said, controlling the culture and the economy isn’t enough for the powers that be. Constantly needing to satisfy their craving for supremacy, those in control turn their eyes to broader horizons in order to achieve even higher levels of dominance. And when it … Read more