Controlling the World

Exerting global control

The hunger for power is one which is never truly satiated.  That said, controlling the culture and the economy isn’t enough for the powers that be. Constantly needing to satisfy their craving for supremacy, those in control turn their eyes to broader horizons in order to achieve even higher levels of dominance. And when it comes to the quest for ultimate power, there is no greater prize than the world itself. This section reveals how control-driven values are used to not only conquer the people on this planet, but to conquer the very planet itself.

Controlling People

At one time, songs and Christmas carols that speak of peace on Earth may have evoked a sense of hope for a better future. Anymore, those songs seem to be at best a parody, and at worst a constant reminder of just how bad things have become. How can a person keep a straight face when reciting lyrics about putting aside differences and restoring peace and harmony when the world literally burns around us? And yet, somehow, they do.

But what exactly is the reason for constant war in virtually every corner of the world? If you listen to the ongoing narrative, the reason you are most likely to hear is that the bad people need to be stopped in their tracks before they bring death and destruction to our own shores. Sometimes faces and names are provided, as if to prove the explanation being given. However, there are times when no proof is provided at all. More often than not, in such cases it is claimed that any information given would jeopardize national security. Therefore, ignorance isn’t only bliss, it’s the patriotic thing to do.

Whether details are given or not, the constant claim is that war is being fought to bring about peace. Now, let’s just stop here to think about those words for a moment. War is being fought in order to bring about peace. If you really take the time to contemplate the meaning of those words, the absurdity of it all becomes immediately and painfully clear. How on earth can you possibly hope to achieve peace by means of violent conflict? Isn’t peace the thing that happens when war ENDS? Unfortunately, most people simply don’t take the time to contemplate the narrative carefully. Instead, they simply assume that what is being said is the truth, and thus it makes perfect sense.

However, if the reasons being given for the constant wars and unrest aren’t true, then what are the REAL reasons behind the instability that defines the world today? Simply put, it’s all about controlling the people. This goes back to the notion of one true path leading to salvation, as discussed in the section ‘Old Paradigm Beliefs’. Just as those in charge claim there is only one true path that leads to eternal happiness, so too, they claim that there is only one true path that leads to happiness here on earth. And if you don’t follow that path, then they will help you find your way.

Furthermore, just as there can be no coexistence in a control-driven beliefs system, so too, there can be no coexistence in a control-driven values system. The idea of ‘live and let live’ is as fantastic and out of reach as that of peace on earth. So long as there are people to be ruled over, there will be those who fight to be the ones to exert that rule. Whether it’s in the name of peace, of democracy, or even of religious ideals, the bottom line is that any war fought in this modern era can be traced down to an attempt to gain more and more control over the people on this planet. After all, that’s why the most militarily advanced societies are called ‘Superpowers’. They are the ones who have all the power and use it to gain even more.

Controlling Nature

Unfortunately, the endless drive for global supremacy isn’t the end of the story when it comes to control-driven values. After all, why stop at conquering all of the people when you can go one step further and conquer the planet itself? Why settle for controlling humanity when you can exercise control over all living things and the very ground that they live on? As vile a notion as that may seem to be, it is in fact the very thought process that has led to the existential crisis that this planet, and all life on it, faces today.

This need to control the planet itself can be seen in any number of ways. As I drive to the grocery store, I can’t help but feel sick as I see countless trees cut down to turn a once lush landscape into a never-ending blur of shops, office complexes, fast food ‘restaurants’ and parking lots. In fact, any land that hasn’t had all life stripped from it is termed ‘undeveloped land’. The idea that nature is simply a blank canvas waiting for humanity to come along and use as it pleases is the very essence of control-driven values. It is the epitome of selfishness and the complete disregard for life beyond human form.

If it isn’t bad enough that local forests and woodlands are being destroyed in the name of progress, there are always the rainforests to consider. Depending on the reports you read, upwards of 200,000 acres of trees are destroyed each and every day all around the world. Needless to say, the animals, birds and other wildlife in those areas are not offered compensation or given alternate housing. Instead, they are simply slaughtered or left to find a home elsewhere, at least until the machines come and take that home away too.

In fairness, it’s not entirely a one-sided affair. It would be disingenuous to suggest that mankind is taking so much from nature without offering anything in return. The simple truth is that we give back to nature almost as much as we take. Some eight million tons of plastic are dumped in the oceans each and every year, not to mention the more than one hundred tons of pollution pumped into the atmosphere every year. So, it would seem that mankind has a way of repaying nature after all. For every acre of forest we destroy, we offer a ton of pollution. You’re welcome.

Still, it’s not just the pollution or the deforestation that’s the problem here. It’s the fact that scientists around the world have raised the alarm concerning the impact this disregard for the environment is having on such things as global warming, decreasing air quality, increasing famine and disease, and ever diminishing amounts of clean drinking water. Despite repeated attempts to bring the crisis to the attention of those in charge, not only haven’t things gotten better, in many cases things have gotten even worse.

The idea that the powers that be would ignore such facts is troubling enough. But the truth is, it’s even worse than that. The simple truth is that most governments, corporations, and other agencies simply deny the validity of the warnings. It’s not that they are simply hiding the facts, it’s that they are refusing to accept the facts in the first place. And this stands to reason when you take the control-driven nature of the Old Paradigm into consideration. True control is the ability to fly in the face of science itself. Thus, not only is it not enough to control the people, or even the planet itself, now, in their quest for ultimate supremacy, those in charge are determined to control the very fabric of the Universe. Damn the laws of physics. Damn chemistry, biology and any other science that interferes with power and progress. The message is clear; control is all that matters. And nothing will stand in the way of those consumed by their insatiable appetite for control. Not even the very laws of Nature.