Destroying the Dam

Tearing down the boundaries that keep us confined.

Fortunately, as more and more people move away from the traditions of the Old Paradigm, they are beginning to wake up to the reality that many of these traditions have no inherent value. Marital restrictions are one such example of this realization. One of the most truly amazing aspects about the overturning of these restrictions is the timing of it all. It would be one thing if the restriction of race had been eliminated in the nineteenth century, while the restriction of gender had been eliminated some two or three hundred years later. But the fact of the matter is that these restrictions have been largely overturned within the short span of a mere fifty or so years.

Many people will see this timeframe as painfully slow and even unacceptable, especially when you consider how archaic these restrictions are, and how ready and eager people are to be truly free to pursue the happiness they both desire and deserve. However, if you step back from the situation and overserve it in a purely objective way, suddenly the timing becomes nothing short of inspiring. As mentioned earlier, most of the restrictions placed on marriage have dominated numerous cultures throughout human history, a timeframe that spans some five thousand years. That said, all of these changes are occurring within a span of one percent of human history. While fifty years is a long time when you are living through them, they are still a mere penny on the dollar in terms of human history.

It’s a matter of evolution, not revolution. While revolutions come and go, evolution stands the test of time.

So, just why are all of these changes happening at once? Simply put, it’s the classic case of a crack in the dam. Although slow starting at first, the overturning of racial restrictions within marriage came to a head in the late 1960s. This move was like taking a sledgehammer to the dam of marital restrictions, causing a crack through which some water was able to flow.

Now, I’m no engineer, but one thing I do know is that a crack in a dam is not a good thing, especially for those wanting to keep the waters under control. After all, once formed, the crack tends to spread, and before you know it what started as a small trickle turns into a small flow of water. And this small flow only continues to grow as the pressure of the water pushes through the gaps, forcing the hole to grow larger and larger until eventually the entire dam collapses, allowing the once restricted waters to flow freely again, following their natural course.

The fact that the overturning of racial restrictions on marriage led so quickly to the overturning of gender restrictions shows that the dam is indeed disintegrating before our very eyes. Once gender restrictions are gone, all that remains is to eliminate the restriction of number and marriage will finally be able to flow freely, bringing love and happiness to all who choose to pursue that path in whatever way they choose. Although the initial point of destruction may be turbulent, especially when so many refuse to yield from their stance on preserving the fetish-driven model of marriage, the end result will be peaceful, as marriage (and relationships in general) will be restored to its true nature once again.