Restoring Human Nature

The idea of marriage returning to its true nature by having all restrictions removed may seem a bit odd at first. After all, most people are raised in traditions that treat such things as same-sex relationships as unnatural, while claiming that it is human nature to be monogamous. Fortunately, the shortsighted nature of these claims … Read more

Destroying the Dam

Fortunately, as more and more people move away from the traditions of the Old Paradigm, they are beginning to wake up to the reality that many of these traditions have no inherent value. Marital restrictions are one such example of this realization. One of the most truly amazing aspects about the overturning of these restrictions … Read more

Satisfying a Fetish

When you stop and consider the nature of control-driven values one thing you realize is that, in some way shape or form, many of these values are intended to protect an individual from perceived harm. This is particularly clear in such cases as laws against murder, theft, and violence. Whether protecting the person committing the … Read more