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While some transitions can be virtually seamless, escaping notice by any but the most attentive, others can prove to be nothing short of catastrophic. Unfortunately, when it comes to the transition from the Old Paradigm to the New, it would seem that we are in for quite the bumpy ride. Rather than going gracefully into … Read more

The Rise of Censorship

One phenomenon that has emerged over the course of recent events is that of censorship. This is especially true in the case of various social media platforms. While the censoring of specific posts, videos, tweets, and the like is nothing new, the practice is taking on a different tone, no longer being restricted to instances … Read more

Interpreting the Aquarius Water Symbol

Anyone who has explored astrology in even the most casual way will know that each astrological sign has two representations— an image and a symbol. In the case of Aquarius, the image is that of a water bearer, the meaning of which we have already revealed. The symbol of Aquarius, however, is that of two … Read more

Symbolism of the Water Bearer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is something that few people would argue with. When it comes to symbols, I say one symbol is worth a thousand pictures. So potent is this form of communication that a single symbol can contain an infinite wealth of information, conveying countless messages to … Read more

When Does the New Age Begin?

The evolution of human consciousness is a process that is unfolding before our very eyes, of that there can be no doubt. But is there a starting point to this process, a moment that can be likened to the dawning of a new day? And if so, when exactly is that moment? When is the … Read more

The Zero Paradox

The concept of zero is something I took for granted most of my life. After all, it’s just a number, so how important can it be? However, one day I found myself face to face with what seemed like an interesting conundrum. Although the number itself represents ‘nothingness’, the shape represents the polar opposite; namely, … Read more

Contextual Morality

The Old Paradigm tradition of defining an action based on the person performing the action rather than the action itself. As opposed to True Morality (i.e., true north). Will write this soon.

A New Multiverse

Every living being experiences life within their own inner universe. This is the true nature of the multiverse. More to come.

A New Enlightenment

Few goals in life can be considered as noble as that of achieving enlightenment. After all, how can you argue with someone who dedicates their life to attaining a higher level of existence? That said, we are in a phase of evolution, where every aspect of human consciousness is being raised from one level to … Read more